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What if having books, and especially God’s Word, written in your own language changed everything about your people for good?

The Challenge

The Yao, like many societies in Africa, are experiencing relational and moral disintegration in their lives, as their language, culture, and history are being eroded.  The Yao saying, "malawi gasyene" (tomorrow belongs to someone else) reflects a state of mind that has lost hope for the future.  Read more...

The Opportunity

Our long term commitment to Malawi (we are in our 25th year), and our research into Yao language and culture has resulted in Yao leaders publicly recognizing our translation project as the primary means for preserving Yao society.  Read more...

Our Story

It's so rare for any Yao person to see their language that crowds immediately formed to buy books every time we published. The first was a collection of “Teachings” (Yijiganyo) telling God’s Story from Creation to Moses. Soon a second was published, and then a third. We began selling out and republishing booklets.  But that's not the whole story.  Read more...

Our Purpose

New Hope Publishing creates Yao language publications designed to give hope to a tribe desperately in need of hope.  


Our work has 3 focus areas:


•  The translation and publication of the whole Bible in the Yao language. 


•  Research of the Yao language, culture, and oral history that enables the creation of high quality publications and the preservation of the Yao language and culture. 


•  The creation of materials that have a Biblical basis, and address relevant social and family issues.


We need your help!  Join us through your donations and your prayers.

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