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Our Story

New Hope Publishing was born in 2001 after nearly 11 years of personal presence in Malawi.


Our work has included agricultural development, humanitarian relief, literacy teaching, and leadership training.


Slowly we began to publish short booklets in the Yao language. The reception was very encouraging. 


It is so rare for any Yao person to see their language that crowds immediately formed. 

Our first book was simply a collection of “Teachings” (Yijiganyo) telling God’s Story from Creation to Moses. Soon a second was published, and then a third. We began selling out and republishing booklets.


The Tipping Point

We decided to respond to the need for a Bible in the Yao language that would be true to the original meaning, true to the language, and culturally appropriate. We began in-depth research into Chiyao, hired and trained translators and reviewers, and began translating; and we field-tested the translation in 24 different Yao villages spread over 3,000 square miles of the Yao area. New Hope Publishing was born.


The incredible impact this kind of field testing would have was completely unanticipated.  We had intentionally brought chiefs into the process, and as they began to see the quality of the work we were doing on their language they began to ask us to help them preserve their language and culture. Word spread from chief to chief until were working with the leaders of over 1.3 million Yao.


Even our name was field tested— we tested a few names and they picked “New Hope” - ” Chembecheyo cha Sambano Publishing” in their language. They said, “We really need new hope!”


New Hope Publishing Today

New Hope Publishing is now (and has almost from the beginning been) the largest publisher of the written word in the Yao Language. We have sold over 14,000 copies of our books. The Marriage and Family Book and all 3 “Teachings” booklets have all sold out. Some have been reprinted and sold out again. And we have 26 books of the Bible translated and in some stage of checking in preparation for publishing.

Our Purpose

New Hope Publishing creates Yao language publications designed to give hope to a tribe desperately in need of hope.  


Our work has 3 focus areas:


•  The translation and publication of the whole Bible in the Yao language. 


•  Research of the Yao language, culture, and oral history that enables the creation of high quality publications and the preservation of the Yao language and culture. 


•  The creation of materials that have a Biblical basis, and address relevant social and family issues.


We need your help!  Join us through your donations and your prayers.

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